But you asked me for rain?

This piece is close to my heart. When I am feeling like the weight of yesterday's stress and tomorrow’s uncertainty is heavy on my shoulders, this reminds me that there is always another perspective, I hope you enjoy.

I stepped into the sun,

And she smiled and hugged me.

Its been a while since I’ve seen her,

But I missed her smile.

I asked her, “Where have you been?”

She said I’ve been here,

Where have you been?

The clouds hung over my head,

Covering her rays from me.

But she tells me,

That every time she would rise,

She desperately searched for me.

She never lost hope,

That she would see me again.

But all I saw was the rain I told her.

Falling hard on my head,

Drowning my dreams

Flooding my home.

But you asked me for rain, she said?

Your garden was so dry,

Everything was dying.

Can’t you see that under the flooded waters,

Something beautiful is growing.

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