If there is one house “chore” I hate doing, its laundry. During the week, as you put your clothes in the bin, you can easily forget about them. The first few days, its just a t-shirt, some workout clothes, and some underwear. But, as the days go by, the pile starts getting bigger.

If you let it get too big, you start to realize that you don’t have any clean clothes to wear. Or you want to wear that cute t-shirt but then you remember its in the dirty pile. You groan because it means you have to face the obstacle: doing laundry.

We all have dirty laundry we try to put off for later. We pile it away in the back of the closet, and sometimes we just try to hide our empty drawers by buying new clothes. Living a new lifestyle. Without facing the pile that keeps growing in the back of the closet.

Sometimes I don’t clean out my inner “dirty laundry.” The struggles I’ve gone through the week, the fear that has grown and grown. I leave it hanging in the back of my mind, hoping that the new week, new month, or even new year will cover up the pile of clothes I have yet to face.

Do you have “dirty laundry” you refuse to face? It’s never too late to take some time to dig through it, throw out what you don’t need, but also find that nice t-shirt you forgot about, clean it up, and hang it right back in your closet.

Starting on a clean slate means cleaning up the messiness that’s on top of it.

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