“Que sea lo que Dios Quiera... Let it be whatever God wants.”

The problem with complacent faith.

Whenever things went wrong growing up, I would always hear “Que sea lo que Dios quiera.” Let it be whatever God wants. Whenever something unexpected happened, or when we found ourselves caught up in unfortunate situations, this would be the go-to statement. I can’t deny it; the more you say it, the fuzzier it feels. I believe that God is in control, 100%. He is above the situations that are happening around us, and he is fighting our battles. Jesus Christ fought the biggest battle when he died for us. So no, I don’t completely disagree with this statement. But I believe there is a fine line between complacency and active faith.

I moved to the United States at 2 years old. I do not remember my life before that; my earliest memories consist of American classrooms, American holidays, and American stories. In the struggle to be considered American in a country where I am considered alien, I have always heard my parents say “Let it be whatever God wants.” In reference to our immigration status, I don’t think God wanted us to be scared to go to work, be unsure about future dreams, and be scared to be separated. That doesn’t fit in my head, knowing that God’s plans include “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future..” But how does that translate into life in the United States?

I have faith that God is in control. But I am not complacent, ignoring the truths that are happening around me, in reference to immigration. I don’t believe God wants me to sit down and ignore the thousands of Americans struggling around the country to work or go to school because of their immigration status. Because God’s priority is his children, and he makes no labels separating us by country. “Oh, I prefer my American children over the rest of the world.” Nope, that’s not it.

This is not only about immigration.. this could be applied to anything. I believe that God’s plans are greater than mine. The problem is when we get comfortable in our faith. When we don’t grow, when we get stuck in how we choose to believe and what we choose to believe in. Esther acted. She made changes. She started with prayer, aligning with God’s will, but then she moved. She acted upon her faith, upon her calling.

Every day, I see my path aligning more and more with my passion and love for immigrants all around the country. That is my calling, and I have faith that God will walk through it with me.

So instead of just saying “Let it be whatever God wants.. or saying let his will be done,” I will say “God, allow me to see your will and give me the power to step into your will and have active faith instead of complacent faith.”

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