What does it mean to be American? What are the qualities that make someone a “good” American? Is speaking English enough? Must you know the pledge of allegiance and national anthem perfectly? What must you do to proudly say, “I am American?”

In all cases, simply being born in the country, is enough to say that you are American. A connection to birthright, something special, that not everyone has. Allegiance to a country, to a flag, because of where you were born. For some, that puts you above others that did not have the privilege to be born into such an opportunity, in a country that many try so hard to enter. To be a part of.

Might it be possible, that it is equally American, to see the beauty and freedom in such a country, that you leave your “birthright” to be part of the American Dream. That you only see your future in this land, a foreign land you know nothing about, but at the same time, see everything in?

Being American is more than where you were born. Its about your heart, your passion and love for the community that you are a part of. The respect you have for your fellow Americans, even if you don’t always agree with them. Being American is more than a birth certificate.